Yizkereim – Honor Israel’s Fallen

Honor Israel’s Fallen Dear Friends: It is an honor for The Afikim Foundation to take the lead in developing the global commemoration of Yom Hazikaron in honoring Israel’s fallen soldiers. Yizkereim — Olami’s worldwide commemoration through its 320 affiliates worldwide, in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, and IDF Widows and Orphans – reflects upon the Read More

Regarding Cremation

Cremation has become very popular. The perception that cremation is “quick and clean,” ecofriendly, and less expensive than a burial has led to more cremations than ever. The perception is that the choice between cremation and burial is religiously neutral. These perceptions are largely inaccurate. The cremation process entails burning the body for two hours Read More

It’s Time to be a Maccabee

        It’s Time to be a Maccabee     By Rabbi Reuven J. Epstein Close your eyes and picture it: Greek soldiers, more than the eye can count, marching towards Jerusalem. They easily take Jerusalem and the entire land of Israel and impose harsh rules and decrees.  They prohibit Torah study, keeping Shabbat, and interfere with Read More