Rosh Hashanah

It is hard to believe it but another year has come and gone. We are just a few days away from Rosh Hashanah. For many of us, a major part of Rosh Hashanah will include attending services and prayers. Alas, this presents one small problem. The truth is that most people don’t like praying! People Read More

Shofar So Good: How to Get Ready for Rosh HaShana

Getting ready for the Day of Judgement is daunting; to say the least. Here is the simple yet essential first step to real change. Discover how listening to the Shofar can open the gates of your true self. Recorded by Rabbi David Aaron

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

The Essence of the Bar & Bat Mitzvah.
We will discuss the difference between the two; how they are celebrated; what they signify, and much more.


Everything You wanted to Know about a Bris but were Afraid to Ask.
We will discuss how, when and why we perform a bris. We will discuss the different honors given at a bris. We will also discuss the ceremony giving a name to a daughter.

Having A Baby

Having a Baby! Selecting a Jewish Name for Your Baby.
You have been waiting for the baby for nine months and know the big day has come. Is it important to give your child a Jewish name? If so, why? How do you select a Jewish name?