During the three weeks we abstain from various joyous activities. As we get closer to Tisha B’Av we increase the number of restricted activities.  During the Three Weeks:

  1. Weddings are not performed.
  2. We don’t listen to music.
  3. We don’t attend public celebrations, particularly the type that are accompanied by dancing or music.
  4. We don’t get haircuts or shaves.
  5. We generally avoid pleasure trips like vacations, (some would allow this until the Nine Days).
  6. We don’t buy or wear new clothes.
  7. We don’t buy or wear new jewelry.
  8. We postpone elective medical procedures.

This is a real good place to remind readers that although we certainly strive for accuracy, this is just a summary, and it isn’t possible to discuss all the nuances of Jewish law. (For example, most opinions allow shaving when needed for employment purposes, and the scope of the music prohibition is debated widely, everyone agrees that this isn’t the time to attend a live concert, some would permit listening to acapella music, and others are even more permissive).

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