The Simply Jewish Haggadah

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  • Prepare for the Seder
  • Learn inspiring Passover related stories
  • Suggestions for leading a meaningful Seder
  • Share recipes from award-winning author Jamie Geller
  • an in-depth look at the ten plagues and the exodus


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There are many wonderful Haggadahs (or Haggadot), but now, for the first time, there is a new Haggadah that explains what to do at the Seder, how to do it, and why we do it! The Simply Jewish Haggadah, a beautiful, color Haggadah, is your guide to the Passover Seder, and it will help you and your family have a more meaningful Seder. But, The Simply Jewish Haggadah is so much more than just a Haggadah! Other chapters will help you prepare for the Seder; suggest how to lead a meaningful Seder; tell inspiring Passover-related stories (including three from Yaffa Eliach’s classic, Hasidic Tales from the Holocaust); provide an in-depth look at the Ten Plagues and the Exodus; and share recipes from the award-winning author Jamie Geller, at

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18 reviews for The Simply Jewish Haggadah

  1. Esther K

    Rabbi Epsteins Simply Jewish Haggadah was incredible.
    Very informative, extremely clear, straightforward and to the point.
    Rabbi Epstein has a way with words. Over the course of the book he was able to bring clarity to topics that I did not understand fully.
    I look forward to using this Haggadah during the seder.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Eli

    The Simply Jewish Haggadah enlightened my Seder as well as for my entire family. It is easy to understand with phenomenal pictures and stories. Thank you – I cannot wait to use it again this year.

  3. Elisheva T

    Thank you for writing such a great Haggadah. Everyone at my Seder was able to follow along and understand. Concepts are explained with such clarity and the graphics bring everything to life. I want to thank you for your hard work; looking forward to another Simply Jewish masterpiece 🙂

  4. Samuel S

    This haggadah is a true treasure. For the beginners and the more experienced the haggadah has a wealth of information. Looking forward to it enhancing our Seder!

  5. L Hajioff

    A clear and helpful guide to everything Pesach. The perfect companion to every Seder table. Perfect for the beginner and expert alike.

  6. Michael A. KOplen

    Great book that is much needed, a clearly-written, beautifully photographed guide to the Passover Seder that will appeal to anyone, experienced or not in Passover ritual and thought. A nearly perfect book for someone looking to make and improve their Seder. Very rich in information. It’s greatest strength is its clarity; you don’t need any background to enjoy and learn from this book, and if you have a background you will still really enjoy this book. Fills a much-needed niche in Jewish Passover literature.

  7. Esty W.

    The Simply Jewish Haggadah was a refresher course for me, giving me lots of new thoughts to add to my family seder. I love the bold print, pretty pictures and loads of facts that even I, someone who’s attended seders her whole life, found new and interesting. i look forward to using the Simply Jewish Haggadah this year.

  8. Roslyn H

    The Simply Jewish Haggadah is a resource like no other. It provides everything you need to know to follow the Pesach Seder. Rabbi Epstein has the guide for you to run the most awesome Seder. His details, explanations and illustrations are top notch. I look forward to using this Haggadah at our Seder.

  9. Mitchell T

    I would recommend this Hagaddah to anyone from young to old and in between. I learned so much about the Seder that I never knew before and it made a big impact on my family which we hope to take with us the entire year.

  10. Charles Gordon

    Very Helpful. We will have our best Seder ever!

  11. Roslyn Epstein

    I have been an observant Jew all my life. Nevertheless, I found this Simply Jewish Haggadah inspiring, as well as a refresher course concerning reasons forgotten, and practices done by rote and long time custom. Extremely well written, informative and an easy, enjoyable read!

  12. Adam Katz (verified owner)

    Rabbi thank you so much!
    I heard excellent reviews about your book from family members I just needed to buy it for this coming Passover.
    I just received the Haggadah this week, it looks very enlightening can’t wait to use it!
    Happy Passover keep up the great work

  13. Judy

    Rabbi Epstein does it again with the Simply Jewish Haggadah. Such a beautiful and concise book! Each chapter gives a good review and breakdown to topics not easily understood. Chag Pesach Sameach!

  14. David Silverman

    Felt as if I was getting (in the words of Paul Harvey), the rest of the story. The Simply Jewish Haggadah’s “How To,” “insider,” and “Action Points” provide a deeper meaning and relevance to aspects of the Seder. I particularly enjoyed learning more about personalities involved, including aspects of Moses’ sister and father-in-law that I had not previously appreciated. I plan to share with my family Rabbi Epstein’s emphasis on gratitude (for past and present) and multi-generational participation that is accommodating to children. His suggestions as to how achieve these goals are very helpful.

  15. Sheera M

    The Simply Jewish Haggadah is user friendly and makes it easy to follow along at Seder. The graphics and descriptions do a great job at adding meaning to the Seder. I highly recommend this Haggadah! Thank you Rabbi Epstein!

  16. Sean H.

    Simply Jewish Haggadah is a wonderfully written Hagaddah. Its perfect as a gift to give others or to include at your family’s table. Regardless of someone’s level of learning there are tidbits and information that are good to know and interesting.

  17. Tzippy R

    Rabbi Reuven Epsteins haggadah is written with heart and lucidity. It is an important addition to the plethora of haggadot. It is especially distinctive for the novice as it imparts an instructive guide and understanding of the whys of the rituals of the seder. It helps one make this important passover holiday more meaningful and personel. Kudos Rabbi Epstein

  18. Anna

    I just used this over Passover and fell in love! It is such a clear, easy to use Haggadah. The stories are interesting and the graphics are great. I cannot think of a better one and recommend it to all!

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