The King Is In The Field!

In the previous article we discussed how God is “Our Father and Our King”, and that the role of “Father” always makes God approachable, even when our previous resolutions have not been successful. Do you have difficulty relating to God as “Our Father”, and the image of God as “Our King” resonates more with you ? If so, this article is especially for you.

You may wonder, “how can I approach God, the King of Kings?”

A well known rabbinic parable gives us some guidance. There was once a man named Joseph who wanted to meet the King. But Joseph was a commoner. Joseph labored long days in the fields near the village where he lived, far from the Palace. Even if Joseph traveled to the palace the guards would not let him in. The King was not accessible to Joseph, or to any other commoners. It didn’t look like Joseph would ever meet the King. One day the King decided to go to the fields and visit his hardworking subjects. On that day Joseph looks up from his work and to his great surprise sees the King only a few feet away. This is the Golden opportunity for Joseph to have his audience with the King. If Joseph takes advantage of the situation and goes the remaining short distance that separates them, he will have his audience with the King. But if he hesitates, the King will pass by and soon return to the distant palace.

We are told, “seek the Lord, where He is found, call Him when He is near”, (Isaiah 55:6). When is “God near”? This verse refers to the Jewish month of Elul, the month that precedes Rosh Hashana. We are told that starting 30 days before the Jewish new year, God comes a little closer to us. The rest of the year it might be a little harder to have an audience with God, but now God has come to check on us, his hardworking subjects. Can you approach God, the King of Kings? You can, if you take advantage of this great opportunity and move forward the remaining short distance that separates you, because now “the King is in the field”.

Happy New Year!

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