Yizkereim – Honor Israel’s Fallen

Dear Friends:

It is an honor for The Afikim Foundation to take the lead in developing the global commemoration of Yom Hazikaron in honoring Israel’s fallen soldiers. Yizkereim — Olami’s worldwide commemoration through its 320 affiliates worldwide, in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, and IDF Widows and Orphans – reflects upon the loss and sacrifice of 23,786 defenders of Medinat Yisrael and of Jews everywhere.

We are honored that Israel’s Ministry of Defense has requested to be named as a co-sponsor of this meaningful worldwide expression of consolation and honor.

In print ads, radio messages and social media posts, Israelis are being “embraced” by this campaign; messages that you are not alone, and your loved ones are not forgotten, are resonating throughout Israel.

Please join with tens of thousands worldwide who will take a moment to give honor to the fallen; do a mitzvah in their merit — perhaps offer extra words of prayer, study Torah, or extend yourselves to assist someone else in need. All of these mitzvot bring merit to the fallen, and unite Jews worldwide in commemoration and appreciation.

Join our HonorIsraelsFallen Facebook page and the thousands of comments and messages.

May their memory inspire us all in service to our People and further devotion to Avinu SheBashamayim.

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